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Over the Rainbow...Really?

Devotional Scripture

Psalm 34:1 - I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Dorothy’s Story

There is a very popular movie which highlights the life and antics of a teenage girl named Dorothy. Dorothy lives in Kansas with her aunt and uncle. (If you haven’t guessed it yet, the movie is The Wizard of Oz.) In this movie, she finds herself in a personal dilemma. This dilemma is one to which many people are able to relate. She felt that she was underestimated and misunderstood. Dorothy became so frustrated that she ran away from home in search of a better life. On the journey, she encountered a new friend at a circus who encouraged her to return home. On the way home, Dorothy encountered a storm. This storm was one that caused her to lose consciousness and enter a dream world called Oz. In this dream world, Dorothy made the acquaintance of some friends who would assist her in finding her way back home. As a result of her frustration, Dorothy experienced some unnecessary events which could have been avoided if she had maintained a thankful and appreciative attitude.

Of course we understand that the Wizard of Oz is a fictional movie; however, the message of the movie is one that many people can learn from. Dorothy was a young lady who found herself frustrated with life’s situations. Dorothy experienced something that many of us have experienced – the desire to look elsewhere for fulfillment. Dorothy even had a song to massage her misery, “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” This song only helped us to understand how Dorothy took her blessings of family and friends for granted. Dorothy’s frustration caused her to covet someone else’s life – a life, somewhere over the rainbow.

What does this mean?

We must understand that coveting is a major issue in today’s society. Most people covet on a daily basis. This happens as we desire things that are not meant for our lives. This can be as small as a pair of shoes to an entire lifestyle that someone else is living. (There is a fine line between coveting and dreaming and we must be sure that we don’t confuse the two.) Dreaming is taking what God has placed within you and maximizing it. Coveting is seeing what someone else has and desiring it for you. Coveting sends a message that you are not appreciative of God’s blessings. That may sound strange but it is true. The consequence of coveting is what Dorothy experienced - negative situations. Just think about it, if she had been thankful she would never had ended up unconscious. She would have been very happy and fulfilled.

Dreams are a blessing from God. He wants us to dream. He wants us to use our skills, talents, and gifts to give Him glory. God has placed all of these inside of you so that you can be his hands on the earth. Find what you do well. Then do it!

Self- Assessment

What are you thankful for in your life?

Where do you see that you are on the edge of coveting?

What talents do you have that make you stand out? How are they displaying God’s glory?


About the Author

Minister Charlene Alexander Robbins is the Founder of Virtuous Insight Life & Destiny Coaching. Minister Robbins’ creativity has allowed her to be a blessing to many different ministries. She is also the Owner/Operator of CR Technologies which is a desktop publishing company and enjoys serving at her local church Friendship Christian Church, Gastonia, NC as well. Click here to view a complete bio for Minister Robbins.

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