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Dr. Charlene A. Robbins, PhD

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Dr. Charlene A. Robbins likes to call herself "just a regular person." She loves to shop. She is a CSI Miami re-run junkie. On Sundays, she enjoys attending worship and spending time with her family. In her spare time, she enjoys taking care of her flowers and growing tomato plants with her husband. And while she loves to do the things that ordinary people do, Charlene has proven herself to be somewhat . . . . Extraordinary.


Motherless at age 13 and an unconventional father/daughter relationship; raised by her maternal grandmother; a mother by age 15; the mother of 3 by age 23; Saved at age 22; married at age 24; cancer survivor at age 30; a community college graduate at ages 40; earned a Bachelors’ Degree at age 41; went on to earn her Masters Degree and the story yet still continues after she earned her Ph.D.


Many ordinary people cannot tell tales of failed relationships, despair, struggle, strength, audacity, and victory in the same way Dr. Charlene Robbins can. Through grace and her life's experiences, Charlene has uncovered her life's purpose, discovered the power that lies within her spirit, and reinvented herself to emerge exceptionally; sharing her stories, her gifts, her discoveries, and her love with the world.


After many trials in the secular workforce, in 2001 Dr. Charlene’s path to her purpose would be manifested through a divine connection with her Spiritual Leaders.  Since then, she has worked closely with them while observing their example of a godly marriage and individual ministries.  This example allowed Dr. Charlene to see a different dimension of life through Christ.  The relationship and example of her spiritual parents have helped to birth this life/destiny coaching ministry for which Dr. Charlene has been created. In the form of classes, workshops, and lectures Dr. Charlene began to share her intimate knowledge, experience, and sincere love for the beauty and power of seeking life's purpose.


In addition to pastoring Boyd Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Lake Wylie, SC. Most ordinary people did not earn a Ph.D. in Renewal Theology: with a concentration in Practical Theology (Regent University of Virginia Beach), a Master of Divinity Degree (Regent University of Virginia Beach), a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religious Studies (Gardner-Webb University of Boiling Springs, North Carolina), an Associate in Arts Degree (Gaston College, Dallas, North Carolina), attended ECPI College of Technology, Charlotte, NC and various other Bible Colleges in North Carolina for training. She obtained her Life Coaching Credentials from Life Forming Leadership Coaching of Virginia, Beach, VA.


Dr. Charlene’s favorite scripture is Proverbs 18:16 - A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.


Dr. Charlene’s teaching has blessed many. She is a Master Teacher. She is a woman of passion and purpose. Her love of music, technology, and the Word of God assists her in communicating the message with creativity, clarity, attentiveness, and confidence. Be blessed by the ministry of Dr. Charlene A. Robbins!

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