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“Catch the Vision…Make It Plain”

VisionCatcher Coaching Programs:

(Fees Apply for All Programs)

  • Monthly Staff Group Vision Coaching Sessions - 2-Hour Sessions -


  • Individual Leader/Director Professional Vision Coaching Sessions (For each department-2hours each) Refine individual skills as noted in the person's job description


  • Quarterly-Whole Group VisionCatcher Seminars (conducted by Elder Robbins or other professionals) - 4-Hour Sessions

Possible Session Topics:

-Real-Talk Communication Workshop

-Leadership Skills Workshop

-Team Building

-Professional Etiquette Workshop


  • On-Call Vision Strategy Sessions as Needed - 1hr appointment - Phone Appointments Generally (In person appointments available by request)


  • Leadership Retreat Planning and Implementation

General Retreat Objectives

• develop a more effective leadership style or manner

• engage in succession planning & management

• improve interpersonal or communication skills

• speed up personal development

• develop “superstar” workers

• find that elusive work / life balance

• expedite priority setting and time management

• enhance presentation and networking skills

• engage in career development &

• deal with conflict and learn conflict-management skills

• learn how to manage upwards

• recognize and implement effective staff development

• strengthen self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being


*All VisionCatcher Clients are also admitted to the DreamCatcher Circle with all privileges of other members.

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