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Double Trouble

Today's Scripture

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:18



In the 80's there was a very popular commercial which advertised double mint gum. In this commercial, the company chose to use the image of two identical twins who enjoyed chewing the gum to freshen their breath. These commercials led to the famous term, "Double mint Twins."

In most cases, having two of a thing is welcomed. Even the human body has two feet, arms, hands, and eyes, etc. Usually, the idea is, the more the merrier! This is and always will be the mindset of society. As a result, people tend to pattern their lives by the values of their environment. Consequently, even though we have one brain, our minds have the ability to be split. Thus allowing us to become wishy washy and unstable.

James warns us that a person who is double minded is unstable. He further explains that this same double minded person is not just unstable in one way but all of his ways. Of course, being unstable in all of our ways is not a positive thing. A person who is unstable does not have the ability to focus. When we lose focus, our lives become out of balance. We begin to lose our grip on the things that should matter the most such as God, family, and our destiny. Remaining focused is the way that we overcome instability. We must focus on what matters.

Be Careful

It is very easy to be misled into thinking that a person who is unstable is very easy to spot. One may think that the signs of instability and lack of focus are always visible. Doublemindedness is sometimes difficult to admit to ourselves. We tend to rename and rationalize our doubleminded tendencies. We want to serve man and God at the same time.

What are you listening to that keeps you focused? What are you watching to keep you focused? What are you speaking to keep you focused? Where are you going to keep you focused? If these answers are part worldly and part spiritual, then what does that say about your level of focus?

The Hidden Message

Above, you will find a picture of what seems like a woman's face. She seems like a regular person. She had aspirations and dreams for her life. She loves God. She seems to have it all together. Her job, home, family, and personal life seem to be perfect. It SEEMS that she is whole.

The Truth Revealed

This picture is actually a combination of two. The left is half of my oldest identical twin daughter - Andra and the right is half of her twin sister - Kendra. Amazing isn't it? This person is literally double minded. She looks whole but underneath the surface, she is filled with two sets of values, thoughts and morals, and goals. She is two people in one!


Can you think of any areas of your life where you are double-minded?

What does that say about you?

Are you satisfied with your level of stability?

If not, how can you fix it?

Today's Prayer

Lord, I thank you for your Word. Thank you for allowing me to be honest with myself as I strive to continue to keep my mind on you and your love for me. Please show me the areas where I am double minded. I want to live a life which is pleasing to you. Thank you for your grace and mercy in allowing me the opportunity to make changes in my mindset and focus on the things that matter. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Click Here to view the DoubleMint Twins Video...


About the Destiny Journal Author

Minister Charlene Alexander Robbins is the Founder of Virtuous Insight Life & Destiny Coaching. Minister Robbins’ creativity has allowed her to be a blessing to many different ministries. She is also the Owner/Operator of CR Technologies which is a desktop publishing company and enjoys serving at her local church Friendship Christian Church, Gastonia, NC as well. Click here to view a complete bio for Minister Robbins.

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