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Back to MY Future

Devotional Scripture

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus – Philippians 3:14

The Past Affects Your Future

When I was a teenager, I can remember watching a movie entitled, Back to the Future. In this film, the main character played by Michael J. Fox found himself in a predicament which accidentally led him to be sent back in time to the time prior to when he was born. After Marty arrive in the 1960s, he altered his present 1885 life by connecting with his parents. This mistake led to a laundry list of antics which required Marty to complete before he could return to his present year (1985).

To me, the moral was that a person can really mess up things when they look backwards in life. Marty, altered his present state of being by attempting to change his past. Although, in this movie, the ending was a positive one, in real life, the results of us attempting to move backwards can be catastrophic!

It may seem that the past is inviting because it is familiar. It has been there for you and it feels comfortable. However, many of us forget that the past is just that….the past. It is not meant to be in the present. If so, we could call it the present. (A little humor.)

Looking Forward

This scripture encourages us to look toward the future – not the past. Past is the opposite of future. Many people are afraid of the future because the future is full of the unknown. The key to embracing hope in the future is understanding that God has a plan for your life. Every step you take in faith, is a step toward that plan and promise.

In the verses prior to this scripture, Paul chooses to give a resume of his prior life before he began his journey as a Christian. He reports his educational background and religious background as well. He is the first one to report that he was THE MAN when it came being a Pharisee (Religious leader). He knew his stuff! In this verse, he expresses that his new life is just that NEW. He says that he PRESSES toward the mark! That means he moves forward toward the call of Christ. He is not looking back to the things of familiarity. As a result, Paul became the most famous new Christian in the Bible! He didn’t allow opposition and stressful situations to cause him to retreat back to his old life.

We must be like Paul. Even though we are unsure of the future, we must always look forward – leaving old mindsets, relationships, emotions, situation, etc. where they were before we looked back at them – IN THE PAST. (Remember, Marty experienced headache and frustration because of his decision to pursue the past.)Yes, learn from them and move on. I always say this: “It may be tough, but it is not IMPOSSIBLE!”

Begin now trusting in the God who has brought you through until now. He won’t leave you. When times get challenging, TRUST HIM…PRESS…and MOVE FORWARD!

Reflection Questions

1 – Can you think of anything that you are holding on to from the past?

2 – What is keeping you from letting it go?

3-What are your fears about the future?

4-Write an affirmative movement statement. Begin it with,

I will let go and move forward to . .

Today’s Prayer

Lord, thank you for your word! Thank you for helping me through the good and challenging times of my life thus far. I have faith that you will continue to take care of me and those I love. Please reveal to me the things which are hindering me from advancing in you. I need your guidance. I believe in your love for me. I know that you make all things new and please help me to move forward in life and advance to what You have for me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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About the Destiny Journal Author

Minister Charlene Alexadner Robbins is the Founder of Virtuous Insight Life & Destiny Coaching. Minister Robbins’ creativity has allowed her to be a blessing to many different ministries. She is also the Owner/Operator of CR Technologies which is a desktop publishing company and enjoys serving at her local church Friendship Christian Church, Gastonia, NC as well. Click here to view the view a complete bio for Minister Robbins.

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